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“Anyone can take a picture… a person with passion sees the picture before it is taken”

Here are a few random tidbits about me:

  1. I am a mother of three.
  2. I have 24 chickens, 1 dog, 3 cats and 2 goats… and I don’t live on a farm.
  3. I’m married to a good looking logger. ?

I was born and raised in Lancaster, New Hampshire.  I still live in Lancaster where I am married to a wonderful man for the last 16 years.  Together we have three children.  I have always loved photography, especially portrait photography.

I don’t consider myself to be just a photographer, but really more of a visual storyteller. I aspire to make each client feel relaxed and make sure they receive the best experience while creating amazing portraits that show their unique personality. I love photographing newborns, seniors and families.  As a mother I understand how quickly our children grow and how important photographs of their youth are. If you have a need for photography I’m pretty laid back and would love to help you capture beautiful photographs of your family.

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