Considering an Elopement ?

With Covid-19 putting a damper on large gatherings, more and more couples are deciding to swap a lavish, over-the-top wedding for an intimate elopement. Although we wish that the circumstances weren’t the way they are, we actually love that more and more people are deciding to keep their celebration small, unique, and romantic.

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Remember The Day

This one is true for all couples! No matter the guest count, your wedding is a special event that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. While things like dresses, flowers, and decorations become virtually obsolete immediately after the sun sets on your reception, wedding photographs are the one aspect of every wedding that is left over after all the guests go home.

Let People In

Because less people will be present at your ceremony and reception, more and more people will be asking to see pictures. You’ll be better able to share every intimate detail of your elopement after the fact by having breathtaking photos of your big day. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning on sharing them virtually or creating a beautifully bound album for your coffee table – you’ll definitely want a way to share your story about getting married during a pandemic with future generations.

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Share The Love

Covid may have us social distancing, but in some ways it’s made us more connected than ever before. Use your beautiful photos to create a personalized wedding announcement, holiday card, or social media post that allows people from all over to feel a little more connected to your love story.

Celebrate Your Choices

Elopement doesn’t mean your wedding was any less special! The bride still looked her loveliest, the groom got dressed up in a suit, and both radiated joy during the entire day. It may have been a smaller, more understated event that you originally planned, but photos allow you to celebrate the choices – and perhaps the sacrifices – you made to profess your love in the middle of a global pandemic.

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A Safe Way To Celebrate

The best part about having a photographer present at your wedding is that you don’t even have to worry about risking anyone’s safety. Wedding photographers have adapted by taking the proper precautions and safety measures. After all, you can still get plenty of beautiful photographs from 6-feet away. And if you’re worried about a photographer taking up space – don’t be! Many venues don’t count the photographer (or the officiant) as a “guest” if you are required to have a limited guest count.

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Hi! Stephanie Dupuis Photography is a two person team that specializes in photographing families and children. In addition, Stephanie and Bill also love maternity shoots, newborn portraits and baby photos as well as high school seniors. Stephanie Dupuis Photography works in Lancaster, Littleton, Whitefield, Dalton, Groveton, Berlin, Gorham and surrounding towns. Please inquire for travel rates to other areas.

What To Wear For 2020 Senior Photos

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Senior photos are a great way to commemorate a huge accomplishment in your life. These milestone photos aren’t just for your yearbook – they also are great to have on-hand for graduation announcements, gifts for relatives, and so much more.

If you have Senior photos on the horizon, it’s important that you select outfits that are easy to photograph and look great in pictures. If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to selecting outfits for your 2020 Senior Pictures, we’re here to help!

In this blog post will cover a few things to keep in mind when selecting your Senior Picture wardrobe, as well as include examples that will pop in photographs.

A Few Tips:

Choose Something Timeless

Kopp 10 1024x684 - What To Wear For 2020 Senior Photos

Believe it or not, you’ll be looking back on your Senior Pictures for the rest of your life. When your kids or grandkids ask to see a photo of you from high school, this one will likely be the one you show them! That’s why it’s important to keep your look timeless. Logos or things that are very “trendy” at the moment have the potential to look very out of place in even a few years.

Select Solid Colors

Landon Bromley 6 1024x684 - What To Wear For 2020 Senior Photos

Bold prints and patterns are a great way to infuse your look with personality, but they aren’t necessarily the best choice when it comes to photographs. A print that is too busy may clash with your chosen background. Or, it may detract the eye when looking at the final image. Solid colors are a much safer choice.

Wear Something You Feel Comfortable In

85S0933 Edit l 1024x683 - What To Wear For 2020 Senior Photos

Even though you should treat your Senior Photo session as a slightly more formal occasion, you shouldn’t choose to wear an outfit that you feel uncomfortable in. Something overly formal or a look that is too much of a departure from your personal style will make you uncomfortable, which won’t make for a good photo session.

Three Essential Senior Photo Outfits

Casual (But Keep It Classy)

Picking a casual outfit doesn’t mean wearing a slouchy or stretchy ensemble that you like to lounge around in. You still want to keep it relaxed, but you should do so in a classy way.

For Guys:

guys casual 1024x443 - What To Wear For 2020 Senior Photos

Light wash jeans will give you a more laidback vibe, while dark wash jeans make it a little more dressy. A timeless button-down or even a plain t-shirt will work for this type of outfit depending on your personality. If you have a bit of a sportier side, show it off buy wearing streetwear with an upscale edge. 

For Girls:

girls casual 1024x606 - What To Wear For 2020 Senior Photos

Jeans with a t-shirt and cardigan will never go out of style. Although we recommend shying away from things that are too trendy, it’s ok to show off your personal style in a casual Senior Photo. A moto jacket or even a tasteful crop top are perfectly appropriate if that is your style. If you have a girlier side, a boho sundress is also a great pick.

Formal & Sophisticated

It’s also important to have some senior photos that are on the more formal side. While this doesn’t mean you need to wear a suit or a gown, you should choose something that is nicer than you would usually wear. Think about what you would wear for a formal holiday gathering and go from there.

For Guys:

guys formal 1024x521 - What To Wear For 2020 Senior Photos

If you have a pair of dress pants, this is a great time to wear them. If you don’t, consider opting for chinos or khakis instead. A crisp button-down is a must for this type of shoot – but don’t be afraid to putting your own personal twist by adding a blazer, sweater, or other personal touch. 

For Girls:

girls formal 1024x511 - What To Wear For 2020 Senior Photos

Step up your style by picking pieces that are polished and pretty. A pair of slim pants and a chic blouse will give you a menswear-inspired look that will never go out of style. Or, choose a simple summer dress or a modest LBD. Then, add some accessories for a look that is elegant and understated.

Add Some Personality

Treamer 2 1024x753 - What To Wear For 2020 Senior Photos

If you have time for one more outfit change, consider adding in a look that shows off your interests, talents, and skills. Athletes, cheerleaders, or members of the marching band might want to wear their uniform to show their school spirit. If you are in ballet or are a diehard fan of a certain sports team, this is the time to infuse your HS Senior photos with an ensemble that shows off your personality.

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Hi! We’re Stephanie & Bill, New England photographers based in Northern NH. As one of New Hampshire’s premier senior portrait photographers we offer clients modern, beautifully styled senior portrait sessions. You will look and feel like a model for the day! These are not the senior portraits of your parent’s generation, but fresh, modern, fun and stylish – pictures you will be proud to show off to your friends.

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Wedding Cupcake Flavors by Season

Nothing beats a beautiful, flavorful cupcake – except, perhaps, one that perfectly embodies the spirit and rich flavors of the of the season in which it is enjoyed. There are plenty of wedding cupcake season options out there but thinking outside of the box will leave your wedding guests in absolute awe. No matter if you are having an early-spring wedding under a bright blue sky or a cozy winter reception during a gentle snowfall, these incredible wedding cupcakes flawlessly capture the spirit of your wedding’s season.

Spring Wedding Cupcakes

Lavender and Honey Cupcakes

lavendar cupcakes - Wedding Cupcake Flavors by Season

Photo Credit: Floral flavors (like lavender or rose) are taking the baking world by storm. These cupcakes pair a light lavender flavored cake with a decadent honey frosting, creating a lovely and light dessert that is perfect for breezy Spring weddings. As a bonus, the cake itself is a soft purple color that will perfectly coordinate with your wedding colors.

Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes

lemon blueberry - Wedding Cupcake Flavors by Season

Photo Credit: All the light, zingy flavors of spring come together beautifully in every single bite of these Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes. Bright blueberries are incorporated into a light lemon cake batter and are topped off with a decadent and delightful lemon cream cheese frosting. Top them off with a few fresh blueberries and a light lemon zest for a vibrant wedding day treat that will have everyone talking.

Summer Wedding Cupcakes

Browned Butter Peach Cupcakes

browned butter peach cupcakes recipe - Wedding Cupcake Flavors by Season

Photo Credit: Wedding receptions on warm Summer evenings call for a cupcake that is sophisticated and simply delicious. These Browned Butter Peach Cupcakes combine the rich flavor of browned butter with the fresh, summery taste of fresh peaches. Topped off with a peach and vanilla custard frosting, they have a bright, big, and beautiful flavor that will perfectly complement your upscale event.

Earl Grey Lavender Cupcakes

grey cupcakes 731x1024 - Wedding Cupcake Flavors by Season

Photo Credit: Whether you incorporate these elegant cupcakes into your wedding day or prefer to serve them at a classy brunch bridal shower, these tiny cakes are destined to make a statement. These unique wedding cupcakes feature milk that has been steeped in earl grey tea leaves before going into the batter – a technique that leaves them with a light, decadent taste that is never too heavy. Liberally applied lavender Italian meringue frosting balances flavors and makes for the perfect bite.

Fall Wedding Cupcakes

Apple Cider Cupcakes with Brown Sugar Buttercream

apple cider - Wedding Cupcake Flavors by Season

Photo Credit: In the Fall, nothing beats a mug full of warm apple cider. Treat your wedding guests to an unforgettable, autumn-inspired experience by serving these Apple Cider Cupcakes at your wedding. The apple and cinnamon spice in the cake is beautifully balanced by a creamy Brown Sugar Buttercream, resulting in a wedding cupcake trend that has “Fall” written all over it.

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie Cupcakes with Butter Pecan Frosting

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie Cupcakes with Butter Pecan Frosting 14 - Wedding Cupcake Flavors by Season

Photo Credit: Chocolate lovers will rejoice over these incredible cupcakes. Rich, luxurious flavors combine perfectly within these gorgeous, gooey treats. Here, a deep chocolate bourbon cake is filled with a pecan pie flavored filling and topped off by a sugary butter pecan frosting. All of the flavors of late Fall come to life inside these amazing little cakes.

Winter Wedding Cupcakes

Peppermint Mocha Cupcakes

delicious peppermint mocha cupcakes 683x1024 - Wedding Cupcake Flavors by Season

Photo Credit: Holiday weddings call for a cupcake that perfectly pairs nostalgic treats together. When a favorite Winter beverage takes cupcake form, everyone will rejoice. These seasonal stunners feature moist, dark chocolate and coffee-flavored cake with an invigorating peppermint vanilla buttercream. Top it off with crushed candy canes and you have a fun Winter wedding cupcake that will make everyone reach for seconds.

Boozy Gingerbread Cupcakes with Maple-Cashew Frosting

ginger molasses muffins  683x1024 683x1024 - Wedding Cupcake Flavors by Season

Photo Credit: When it comes to Winter wedding cupcakes, rich flavors are a must. Nothing beats a boozy cupcake, which is just one of the reasons that this gorgeous Gingerbread Cupcake is simply perfect. The flavors of the fluffy cake are enhanced by a dash of bourbon, while the buttery maple frosting provides a perfect finishing touch. When snow swirls outside, your guests will want nothing more than to enjoy these decadent cakes in front of a roaring fire. Check out our other Wedding Cake and Wedding Cupcake post here to read more.

About Stephanie Dupuis Photography

Hi! Stephanie Dupuis Photography is a two person team that specializes in photographing families and children. In addition, Stephanie and Bill also love maternity shoots, newborn portraits and baby photos as well as high school seniors. Stephanie Dupuis Photography works in Lancaster, Littleton, Whitefield, Dalton, Groveton, Berlin, Gorham and surrounding towns. Please inquire for travel rates to other areas.

Wedding Cake & Wedding Cupcake Trends

85S5052 2 1024x683 - Wedding Cake & Wedding Cupcake Trends

Wedding cakes and wedding cupcakes are practically the pièce de résistance at any reception. Having an incredibly elegant dessert is a fun – and delicious – way to show off your signature sense of style. Whether you opt for a show-stopping cake, delicate cupcakes, or both (!), here are some of the top wedding cake and cupcake trends for 2021.

Wedding Cakes & Cupcakes Combine

Pilla Wedding 1363 1024x684 - Wedding Cake & Wedding Cupcake Trends

In the past, brides and grooms have had to decide whether they wanted to opt for a traditional wedding cake with lots of layers or trendy, bite-size wedding cupcakes. Now, however, couples no longer have to choose. The newest trend in wedding day dessert is pairing a small wedding cake with a variety of coordinating cupcakes. Choosing both sweet treats allows the bride and groom to have a small wedding cake for traditional cake-cutting photos, but also gives guests the dainty delight that comes along with individual cupcakes. When arraigned in a tiered display, this multi-layered cupcake wedding cake flawlessly combines time-honored tradition with current trends. Consider this the best of both worlds.

Festive Florals

Florals are a staple at any wedding. Adorning your wedding cake in flowers makes a sweeping, romantic statement. For those with traditional taste, have your baker add fresh flowers and greenery onto the exterior design of your cake. For something a little more modern, watercolor wedding cakes are set to become the next big wedding trend. Ultra-talented cake decorators are “painting” whimsical floral motifs directly onto fondant. The result is a gorgeous, artistic look that is soft, stylish, and incredibly unique.

It’s easy to find cupcakes that follow along with this floral theme. Seasoned bakers will have no problem piping buttercream on in a way that creates a realistic rose pattern on top of a cupcake. For something a bit more intricate, play around with color and have your decorator adorn the top of your mini cakes with multiple floral designs to mimic the look of your bridal bouquet.

Beautifully Bare

Naked cakes are some of the best wedding cakes around. With a modern design that visibly displays a cake’s many layers, these minimalistic yet statement-making cakes have a rustic, understated elegance that many couples are instinctively drawn to. Fresh flowers or drip frosting is a beautiful way to dress up these cakes, but gorgeous fresh fruits give these trendy desserts an even more modern twist. The rich colors and shapes of strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries highlight the natural, organic look of these wedding cakes. For cupcakes that provide the perfect complement to a naked cake, opt for one that also features fruit. Have your baker dress up a “natural” colored cupcake with a dollop of icing to adhere a variety of fresh fruits atop the cupcake. Add a dusting of powdered sugar and you have a “naked cupcake” that is dainty and delicious.

Whimsical and Rustic

Pilla Wedding 1370 1024x684 - Wedding Cake & Wedding Cupcake Trends

Rustic weddings are some of the most beautiful. For a cake that truly reflects the free-spirited style of these bohemian weddings, opt for a cake that embraces the textures found in nature. Wedding cakes with a birchbark-inspired exterior have an understated charm that is sure to make people take a second look. Instead of a traditional cake topper, have your cake decorator “carve” your and your fiancé’s initials into the side of the cake for a vintage wedding cake that is incredibly romantic. For cupcakes with a similar rustic twist, think outside of the box – or in this case, the cupcake liner. Miniature layered cakes in little jars are a fun departure from your traditional wedding cupcake. These handheld desserts are simply adorable and have a homemade look that will mirror the relaxed elegance of your rustic wedding. Add mini flags with a sweet sentiment and you have a designer dessert everyone will adore. We have compiled some awesome wedding cupcake suggestions by season.  Please click here to check them out!


Kittle wedding 1622 1024x684 - Wedding Cake & Wedding Cupcake Trends

Whoever said that a wedding had to have a wedding cake? For a more unique and (dare we say) delicious dessert table, try serving pie at your wedding instead. These fruit-filled confections aren’t just for backyard BBQs and picnics in the park. Pies are beyond perfect for barn weddings or a garden party. Dressed up on a well-decorated display, wedding pies can hold their own next to the fanciest of desserts at a black-tie affair. Consider maintaining tradition by incorporating passed-down family recipes into your big day. Let guests reminisce as they indulge in their favorite pie flavors.

About Stephanie Dupuis Photography

Hi! Stephanie Dupuis Photography is a two person team that specializes in photographing families and children. In addition, Stephanie and Bill also love maternity shoots, newborn portraits and baby photos as well as high school seniors. Stephanie Dupuis Photography works in Lancaster, Littleton, Whitefield, Dalton, Groveton, Berlin, Gorham and surrounding towns. Please inquire for travel rates to other areas.

5 Fresh Styles For Family Photos

If you have family photos on the horizon but aren’t sure what to wear, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 freshest combinations that will make your family photos come to life. Plus, we’ve explained why they work so you can select the look that will help you create breathtaking family photos you’ve been waiting all year to take.

Jewel Tones

fashion 1 - 5 Fresh Styles For Family Photos

Nothing beats opulent jewel tones, a color family which includes colors like burgundy, hunter green, and sapphire blue. These classic hues make for timeless photographs…plus, they look great on virtually anyone no matter their hair color or skin tone. If you are looking to take family photos that won’t look dated, classic pieces of apparel in complimentary jewel tones is a great way to do so.

Ramsay 1025 1024x684 - 5 Fresh Styles For Family Photos

Luxe Neutrals

neutral - 5 Fresh Styles For Family Photos

Perhaps nothing looks more beautiful in photos that a creamy all-neutral palette. When it comes to this combination of outfits, don’t feel like the colors have to match perfectly from person to person – it will look better and more effortless if there are a wide range of neutral shades featured in your photographs. There’s definitely a contemporary, “lifestyle” quality that all-neutral family photos bring to the table.

Giroux 4 e 1024x752 - 5 Fresh Styles For Family Photos

Denim Accents

demin - 5 Fresh Styles For Family Photos

Denim is one of those classic fabrics that looks great on the entire family. Instead of jeans paired with white tops, mix it up by finding different outfits for every single family member. Denim can be the thread that ties your entire family’s look together, but adding in pops of color or fun patterns for the kids will make your photos more modern.

Kendra Bell 1014 1024x684 - 5 Fresh Styles For Family Photos

Dusty Pastels

pastel - 5 Fresh Styles For Family Photos

If you want breezy family photos that are playful yet decidedly elegant, try this unexpected color palette. While traditional pastels easily become overwhelming, dusty pastels like blush and sage green offer more flexibility. This color combination is a bit more difficult to pull off than others, but if you can make it work you’ll be left with breathtaking images that are fun and fresh.

Stanley 16 1024x684 - 5 Fresh Styles For Family Photos

Cozy Fall Textures

fall texture - 5 Fresh Styles For Family Photos

Lots of families decide to get their family photos taken during colder months so that they have an updated picture to include on their holiday cards. If this is the case, pairing cozy textures and classic patterns together will leave you with a vintage-inspired look that is incredibly on-trend. Don’t shy away from the use of prints, just keep them simple and use them sparingly to ensure there isn’t too much going on in your images.

Cormier Family 12 1 1024x684 - 5 Fresh Styles For Family Photos

Check out what local families have done for their photos on our Instagram!

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Hi! We’re Stephanie & Bill, New England photographers based in Northern NH. Stephanie Dupuis Photography offers family portrait sessions throughout New England. Beautiful photography is about so much more than just taking a picture.  We will work with you to help you find the perfect location for your family photos. Our focus is on expressions and capturing emotion with an attention to detail and creativity.

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New Hampshire Wedding Venues

There is nothing more beautiful than a proper New Hampshire wedding. Although it may be small, our great state is filled with incredible wedding venues that promise to provide a picturesque backdrop for your big day. If you are planning a wedding and want to get the inside scoop on some of the most breathtaking wedding venues New Hampshire has to offer, take a look at this carefully curated list of amazing event spaces.

Bellevue Barn at Carlisle Place

685 Presidential Hwy, Jefferson, NH

Bellevue Barn 1024x683 - New Hampshire Wedding Venues

If you are searching for a gorgeous barn wedding venue in New Hampshire, you can’t go wrong with Bellevue Barn at Carlisle Place. Located at the base of the White Mountains, its sweeping scenery is reason enough to hold your wedding ceremony and reception at this elegant location. The perfect combination of refined and rural, the barn and timber-framed patio promise to make all of your rustic-chic wedding dreams come to life. If you have always wanted a beautiful barn wedding in the heart of the New Hampshire countryside, Bellevue Barn at Carlisle Place is the venue you have been waiting for. Able to accommodate up to 250 guests, this venue features an on-site spa, a fully equipped catering kitchen, and plenty of parking for all of your guests. Perfect for weddings in any season, visit their website for more information about how their staff can make your New Hampshire wedding day vision a reality. Check out their site to learn more about the Bellevue Barn.
If you would like to check out a full wedding photographed at Bellevue Barn click here

Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa

101 Mountain View Rd, Whitefield, NH

Mountain View Grand 1024x683 - New Hampshire Wedding Venues

Mountain View Grand Resort is a one-of-a-kind venue that can accommodate weddings of virtually any size and style. The expansive resort offers ample accommodations and amenities, including mountain vistas, on-site restaurants, and the Tower Spa, which is perfect location to host all of your wedding’s beauty needs. No matter if you are looking to host an intimate gathering or a large, no-expenses-spared wedding reception, Mountain View Grand Resort features a variety of timeless event spaces that will bring your wedding day vision to life. The picturesque, historic resort is also surrounded by 400 acres of manicured property, ensuring there is plenty of outdoor space for a breathtaking outdoor ceremony or tented reception. With 141 luxurious guest rooms, 6 indoor reception spaces, and an award-winning spa and wellness center, Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa is ready to provide couples and guests alike with a veritable wedding retreat. The staff is well versed in creating an exceptional guest experience, ensuring that everyone will be talking about your fabulous wedding for years to come. Check out our Mountain View Grand blog post.

Toad Hill Farm

157 Fobes Rd, Franconia, NH

Located in the heart of the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Toad Hill Farm is an incredibly picturesque wedding venue that fully showcases the beauty of the New England countryside. A rural location with poetic roots, this authentically rustic venue is completely versatile and gives every couple the ability to create a unique wedding experience. With ample space for a ceremony, tented reception, and much more, Toad Hill Farm is perfect for anyone who wants to celebrate their love story in a gorgeous, pastoral setting. Toad Hill Farm is an exceptional venue that features a 6-bedroom Main House that is included in the venue rental. By booking this venue for your wedding, you are reserving the property for the entirety of the weekend, allowing your guests to celebrate, dance, and camp out under the awe-inspiring New Hampshire sky. Click here to learn more about the Toad Hill Farm…

Pioneer Wedding Barn

21 Sunset Hill Rd, Sugar Hill, NH

New Hampshire’s Pioneer Wedding Barn is an effortless, elegant wedding venue with impressive historic roots. Originally constructed in the early 1800s, the on-site historic barn has been beautifully restored to create a breathtaking event space that combines rural splendor with modern conveniences. Hand hewn timbers, an authentic yellow birch dance floor, and an impressive colonial fire place combine with a stocked bar and a state-of-the-art sound system to create an elegant pastoral venue that is sure to exceed all of your expectations. Bordered by elegant landscaping and set beneath sweeping views of the White Mountains, this authentic New Hampshire barn wedding venue is as timeless and beautiful as your love story itself. Family owned and operated, the Pioneer Wedding Barn offers hospitable service with a stylish yet humble setting. The indoor reception space can comfortably accommodate up to 130 guests, but the vast grounds also allow you to host a gorgeous outdoor wedding of virtually any size. If you have always dreamed of a rustic barn wedding, consider hosting your big day at the scenic Pioneer Wedding Barn. Click here to learn more about the Pioneer Wedding Barn…

Bishop Farm Weddings & Events

33 Bishop Cutoff, Lisbon, NH

Stylish, rustic, and incredibly romantic, Bishop Farm is a beautiful New Hampshire wedding venue that is sure to provide the perfect backdrop for your big day. Grand, glittering chandeliers elegantly contrast with the reception space’s historic wooden interiors, creating an atmosphere that will put a sophisticated twist on your average barn wedding. Beautiful and bucolic, hosting your wedding at Bishop Farm ensures you’ll end up with wedding day memories that will last a lifetime. With onsite cottages and other convenient accommodations for your guests, Bishop Farm allows you to spend your entire wedding weekend surrounded by your closest friends, family, and loved ones. Able to accommodate both intimate celebrations and gatherings of up to 180 guests, Bishop Farm is a rustic barn wedding venue that you simply must experience. Click here to learn more about Bishop Farms…

Maplewood Golf Resort

2691 Main St, Bethlehem, NH

Maplewood Golf Resort 1024x669 - New Hampshire Wedding Venues

The Maplewood Golf Resort is much more just a challenging Donald Ross golf course. The historic property is also equipped to host weddings and other large events in its Grand Ballroom and various parlors. Built in 1889, the property once held a majestic New England hotel that hosted affluent society members and American Presidents looking to escape bustling city life. Today, the grounds and event spaces are still reminiscent of this glorious bygone era. Recently renovated, the staff at Maplewood Golf Resort is ready to help you plan an enjoyable and stress-free wedding. With the elegant Ivie Chapel for your ceremony, a historic ballroom for your reception, and plenty of gorgeous outdoor spaces to boot, the grounds boast an authenticity that cannot be replicated by modern event spaces. Able to accommodate weddings of up to 250 guests, this New Hampshire wedding venue has plenty of options when it comes to creating a picture-perfect wedding day. By hosting your wedding day at Maplewood Golf Resort, your love story becomes a part of this property’s rich and impressive history. Click here to learn more about the Maplewood Golf Resort…

Omni Mount Washington Resort

310 Mount Washington Hotel Road, Bretton Woods, NH

Mt Washington Hotel 1024x683 - New Hampshire Wedding Venues

On the outside, the Omni Mount Washington Resort looks as if it is straight out of a vintage postcard. With a commanding red roof that positively pops against the beautiful mountains of New Hampshire, this sweeping resort is as captivating now as it was when it first opened its doors in 1902. Along with a breathtaking exterior, Mount Washington Resort features luxurious interior spaces that will act as the perfect backdrop for your wedding day. The recently renovated resort features a variety of classically beautiful event spaces that range from expansive ballrooms and breezy verandas. Along with gorgeous photo ops and a top-of-the-line event staff, your guests will also enjoy a host of amenities, activities, and even an on-site spa, all of which are sure to truly make your wedding a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone involved. The Omni Mount Washington Resort boasts 200 guest rooms, an incredible 18-hole golf course, and 25,000 square foot spa. With 9 venues perfect for hosting your ceremony or reception, couples will appreciate the convenience of having everything they need on-hand during the entirety of their whirlwind wedding weekend. Click here to visit the Omni Mount Washington website

The Barn at Whitney’s Inn

357 Black Mountain Rd, Jackson, NH 03846

The Barn at Whitneys Inn 1024x684 - New Hampshire Wedding Venues

For those couples looking for a rustic mountain event, check out Whitney’s Inn, decorated in an Adirondack style with hickory and pine log furniture. Whitney’s features a lovely barn called, The Shovel Handle Pub, which is a beautifully restored post and beam barn built in 1842, an actual working barn up until the 1970s.  The original cow stanchions still hang inside the barn along with artifacts from when Moody Farm was still operating. Twinkle lights cascade throughout the three stories of the barn. In addition an incredible stone fireplace brings warmth and that mountain comfort to your event.  The rustic décor and elegant atmosphere of The Barn at Whitney’s Inn offer a stunning setting for a timeless mountain wedding.  Click here to visit The Barn at Whitney’s Inn website…

Loon Mountain

Loon Mountain 1024x683 - New Hampshire Wedding Venues

60 Loon Mountain Rd., Lincoln, NH 03251

Loon Mountain is located in the heart of the White Mountains.  This resort venue offers mountaintop ceremonies and a beautiful mountain lodge for your reception. Looking for a ceremony with a truly amazing view?  Check out the Mountaintop Ceremonies offered at Loon.  A short, breathtaking ride up the White Mountain Express Gondola brings you to the summit of Loon Peak where you can enjoy 360 degree views of the White Mountain National Forest. After your ceremony head back to the base in your own private gondola car. The Mountain Lodge reception venue features post and beam construction, a stone fireplace and some truly amazing food for your guests to enjoy.  This charming reception venue will seat up to 180 guests with plenty of space for mingling and dancing! Click here to learn more about holding your wedding on Loon Mountain.   If you would like to check out a full wedding photographed at Loon Mountain click here

Still not sure on which New Hampshire Wedding Venue is for you? Check out this post on 5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Venue

About Stephanie Dupuis Photography

Hi! Stephanie Dupuis Photography is a two person team that specializes in photographing families and children. In addition, Stephanie and Bill also love maternity shoots, newborn portraits and baby photos as well as high school seniors. Stephanie Dupuis Photography works in Lancaster, Littleton, Whitefield, Dalton, Groveton, Berlin, Gorham and surrounding towns. Please inquire for travel rates to other areas.

Nine Inspirational Wedding Themes

The word “wedding” conjures up a few traditional images in everyone’s mind. Anyone who has ever planned a wedding, however, will tell you that there is no one way to plan a wedding. With so many options to choose from when it comes to your wedding colors, attire, and décor, it is easy to get incredibly overwhelmed. Picking a general theme tends to make the planning process easier, as it helps you verbalize what you are looking for when talking to your vendors. Here are nine ideas that will help you decide which direction to take when it comes to planning the look of your wedding.

#1: Classic & Romantic

Pushee 13 684x1024 - Nine Inspirational Wedding Themes

Classically romantic weddings are the easiest to emulate simply because there are so many incredible places to draw inspiration from. Classic weddings feature all the traditional trimmings, including a formal dress code, a sit-down dinner, fabulous centerpieces, a head table, and statement-making floral arrangements. While there are still plenty of places to inject personal touches, these weddings are typically black-tie optional affairs that look and feel like they are straight out of a movie. Sample Color Palette: Ivory, Gold, Blush, Burgundy Must Haves: A multi-tiered wedding cake, a white ballgown, decadent centerpieces, awesome up-lighting, a live band, and plenty of dancing.

#2: Rustic & Chic

Lancaster Wedding Photographer 04 1024x682 - Nine Inspirational Wedding Themes

Rustic weddings are slightly less traditional than your average formal affair. With that said, they are still exceptionally elegant. These weddings typically include a collection of shabby-chic décor, mismatched bridesmaids dresses, and a warm, casual refinement. Usually held in a rural or pastoral setting, they maintain a wonderfully laid-back vibe that everyone will appreciate.

Sample Color Palette: Sage Green, Dusty Blue, Mauve, Light Grey, and other muted pastels. Must Haves: A naked cake, a beautiful barn venue, hay bales, lanterns, wildflowers, and barnboard accents.

#3: Vintage & Elegant

Pilla Wedding 1184 684x1024 - Nine Inspirational Wedding Themes

Vintage weddings draw inspiration from beautiful, bygone days. These weddings typically focus on mid-century trends from the 1940s & 1950s. No matter if you opt for authentic pieces of décor from a local antique store or seek out era-appropriate reproductions, you’ll find plenty to work with in terms of décor. Vintage suitcases, milk glass vases, and retro-inspired patterns all combine beautifully to create a wedding day steeped in timeless elegance. Sample Color Palette: Pale Yellow, Peach, Light Blue, White. Must Haves: A tea-length wedding dress, a birdcage veil, antique furniture, subtle polka dot prints, a classic car, and old family wedding photos.

#4: Alternative & Offbeat

Roberge Wedding 1053 1 1024x683 - Nine Inspirational Wedding Themes

Alternative couples should never feel like they need to conform when it comes to their wedding day. While some traditional elements are expected, there’s no reason not to put your own personal touch on your big day. If you and your partner have a rock-n-roll vibe, there’s no reason to hide that away. A dark, moody wedding with touches of leather will contrast beautifully with the traditional elements you do maintain. Sample Color Palette: Black, Hunter Green, Plum, Bronze. Must Haves: An industrial reception space, dark florals, Edison bulbs, black leather accents, and tattoo-inspired prints.

#5: Art Deco & Decadent

Jefferson Wedding Photographer 05 1024x684 - Nine Inspirational Wedding Themes

This type of wedding borrows heavily from the romance and grandeur of the Roaring Twenties. If you have always wanted to throw a Gatsby-esque party, a decadent Art Deco themed wedding day allows you to do just that. Shimmering metallics, sparkly sequins, and geometric patterns should all take center stage here. Don’t worry about going too over the top – when it comes to 1920s style weddings, excess is expected. Sample Color Palette: Gold, Silver, Champagne, Black. Must Haves: Mirrored surfaces, ostrich feathers, authentic Art Deco patterns, prohibition-era beverages, a jazz band, and a lively dance floor. Check out this beautiful example of an Art Deco Wedding

#6: Breezy & Bohemian

Hicks Wedding 1197 - Nine Inspirational Wedding Themes

Breezy, bohemian weddings are perfect for free-spirited couples who want to put their own twist on their big day. These casual, laidback affairs are still incredibly thoughtful and detailed. Expertly paired patterns, colors, and textures combine with natural settings to create a mystical, boho wonderland that will leave people in awe. Sample Color Palette: Dusty rose, sage green, ivory, and teal. Must Haves: Flower crowns, macramé accents, mismatched floral patterns, oriental rugs, birchbark, fairy lights, and a gorgeous outdoor setting.

#7: Preppy & Proper

Jefferson Wedding Photographer 04 3 1024x682 - Nine Inspirational Wedding Themes

With so many couples opting for rustic weddings, a prim, proper, preppy wedding is surprisingly refreshing. For these weddings, crisp fabrics, clean lines, and classic colors combine to create a chic wedding inspired by coastal cities of New England. Patterned fabrics and pearls are just the beginning when it comes to these weddings, which are nothing short of picture-perfect. Sample Color Palette: Navy Blue, White, Hot Pink, and Gold. Must Haves: Nautical touches, Lilly Pulitzer prints, bold stripes, pearl accents, monograms, and khaki clad groomsmen.

#8: Cute & Colorful

Whitefield Wedding Photographer 04 1024x684 - Nine Inspirational Wedding Themes

Brides often shy away from bold, bright colors. When done correctly, however, vibrant colors can combine to create a colorful, whimsical wedding that is nothing short of spectacular. Filled with charming touches, these weddings make everyone feel comfortable, relaxed, and ready to celebrate. Cute, colorful weddings are a true celebration of life and love. Sample Color Palette: Orange, Yellow, Hot Pink, and Teal. Must Haves: Vibrant floral arrangements, streamers, balloons, flag bunting, and a confetti send off.

#9: Gothic & Gorgeous

Lacasse Wedding 1061 1024x684 - Nine Inspirational Wedding Themes

Weddings with a Gothic twist can be just as gorgeous as any traditional all-white affair. Here, dark colors, rich fabrics, and slightly spooky touches combine to create a wedding day that no one will soon forget. No matter if you have a penchant for medieval times or have always dreamed of hosting a classy Halloween soiree, there are plenty of ways to make your wedding look like it is straight out of a Tim Burton flick.

Sample Color Palette: Scarlet Red, Black, Navy Blue, Gold. Must Haves: Rich fabrics like leather and velvet, dark florals, black lace, candelabras, red roses, macabre imagery, a wedding dress that is anything but white. One Last Word of Advice…. While it is so, so tempting to try to turn all of your favorite photos from Pinterest into a reality, never lose sight of what is truly important on your wedding day – YOU! Every single choice you make when it comes to your big day should feel comfortable to you as a couple. If that means putting a twist on old traditions or doing something slightly off-beat, even better. The more your wedding is a reflection of your unique and individual personalities, the more heartwarming and wonderful it will be for everyone involved.

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Hi! Stephanie Dupuis Photography is a two person team that specializes in photographing families and children. In addition, Stephanie and Bill also love maternity shoots, newborn portraits and baby photos as well as high school seniors. Stephanie Dupuis Photography works in Lancaster, Littleton, Whitefield, Dalton, Groveton, Berlin, Gorham and surrounding towns. Please inquire for travel rates to other areas.

2021 Wedding Colors

Wondering how to choose the perfect 2021 wedding colors? This series of blog posts will take the guesswork out of choosing stylish, beautiful colors for your special day – regardless of the season. One of the most important aspects of wedding planning is choosing the perfect wedding color palette. Because there are so many color combinations to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start or which wedding colors will appropriately bring your wedding day vision to life. An easy way to narrow down your choices while also creating a breathtaking wedding look is to consider the season in which your wedding will occur. By doing so, your décor will channel all of the beauty of your chosen time of year. 2021 wedding colors will be full of rich and beautiful tones that any bride will love.

Spring Weddings

Pushee 12 1024x679 - 2021 Wedding Colors

Spring is a beautiful season where nature is blinking to life and warm breezes start to multiply. Choosing a wedding that is full of deep, dark colors would feel out of place in this light, airy season. With that said, a pastel-heavy wedding might start to look like an Easter parade considering the time of year. If you want to find a Spring color palette that is fresh, light and fun, click here for our favorite Spring 2021 Wedding Color Palettes.

Summer Weddings

Lambert Wedding 1583 l 1024x683 - 2021 Wedding Colors

Summer is considered “wedding season” for good reason. Long, warm days combine with exciting, electric evenings. Summer itself is always worthy of celebration, and your wedding can combine to create the perfect excuse to party. Because Summer is high time for weddings, your guests are sure to be invited to many, many nuptials throughout the Summer, meaning you’ll need an on-trend but unexpected palette so that your wedding doesn’t look like everyone else’s. Create a uniquely styled wedding look that no one has seen before by browsing our cutting-edge Summer 2021 Wedding Color Palette picks.

Fall Weddings

Fall Photo Smaller l 1024x683 - 2021 Wedding Colors

Fall is a spectacular season full of changing colors, cozy sweaters, and pleasant weather. Autumn weddings are rising in popularity and for good reason – the rich, opulent feel of autumn weather makes everyone want to gather around roaring fires and create memories. Because Fall has such a specific color palette, it’s easy to pick the same wedding palette as everyone else who wants to say “I Do” during this season.  Channel the luxurious look of autumn by checking out our favorite unexpected Fall 2021 Wedding Color Palettes.

Winter Weddings

Kittle wedding 1611 l 1024x684 - 2021 Wedding Colors

There is perhaps nothing more beautiful that getting married in a setting that looks and feels like a Winter Wonderland. The holidays get everyone in the mood to celebrate love, and a Winter wedding is the perfect excuse to get dressed up and beat cabin fever. If you want to ensure your wedding looks on point rather than too literal, click here for some perfectly styled Winter 2021 Wedding Color Palettes.

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About Stephanie Dupuis Photography

Hi! Stephanie Dupuis Photography is a two person team that specializes in photographing families and children. In addition, Stephanie and Bill also love maternity shoots, newborn portraits and baby photos as well as high school seniors. Stephanie Dupuis Photography works in Lancaster, Littleton, Whitefield, Dalton, Groveton, Berlin, Gorham and surrounding towns. Please inquire for travel rates to other areas.

Fall Wedding Colors 2021

Fall is one of the best seasons to have a wedding. The air’s slight chill makes for crisp, pleasant evenings, while the changing leaves provide a perfect backdrop for your wedding pictures. The best part about a Fall 2021 wedding, however, is choosing an opulent color palette that compliments the season’s rich textures and unmatched elegance. For a gorgeous fall wedding that doesn’t look overdone, try one of these incredibly chic wedding color palettes, which are perfect for any upcoming 2021 autumn wedding.

Fall Wedding Colors #1: Dusty Rose, Pumpkin, & Mustard

Fall Wedding Colors dusty rose pumpkin mustard 01 1024x1024 - Fall Wedding Colors 2021

Why It Works –

All of the colors of an autumn sunset are present within this gorgeous wedding color palette. This season, Dusty Rose takes the place of Marsala and Blush, which teeter on the edge of looking overdone. This dusty hue is a feminine color that maintains a hint of regality, ensuring your décor will look feminine and romantic without looking saccharine. Similarly, on-trend tones of Pumpkin Orange & Mustard Yellow will hint at the color of changing leaves without being too literal. This palette is an updated take on classic Fall wedding colors.

Where & How – Dusty Rose combines well with other muted tones within your floral arrangements, while dusty pink velvet accents throughout your wedding and reception will give it a Pinterest-worthy look everyone will envy. Dusty Rose bridesmaid dresses are a safe bet, however dressing your bridal party in Mustard will give it a fashion-forward Fall look that is flattering, unexpected, and right on-trend. The color Pumpkin can easily overwhelm, so use an editor’s eye when it comes to your décor. Stick with natural elements, like real pumpkins, to ensure this color never appears too glaring or over the top.

Accent it With – Earthy colors all flawlessly fit within this stylish palette. We suggest dressing your groomsmen in brown or grey tweed jackets with khaki pants to perfectly compliment the sartorial look of your bridesmaids. Touches of leather are also welcome – opt for raw leather cording instead of ribbons for a look that is both edgy and rustic all at once.

Fall Wedding Colors #2: Oxblood, Plum, & Gold

Fall Wedding Colors oxblood plum gold 01 1024x1024 - Fall Wedding Colors 2021

Why It Works –

Every Fall 2021 wedding will instantly look rich and opulent when done in this deep, moody palette. Plum is a rich jewel tone with a hint of mystery, which is perfectly complimented by Oxblood – a deep, dark shade of burgundy that is nothing short of glamorous. A Golden sheen will perfectly contrast with these seriously sleek colors, giving your wedding a regal look that is sure to be awe-inspiring.

Where & How – Interchange Oxblood and Plum throughout your décor, including on your tablescapes and invitations. While both of these are heavy, dark colors, they complement each other just enough to look stunning side-by-side. Embossed gold lettering and shimmering golden candle holders are also a must. Gold will reflect the light and give your wedding a cozy Fall glow. When it comes to your floral arrangements, using only dark flowers can look borderline gothic. Balance out deep red and purple roses with tons of greenery and touches of baby’s breath for a look that is rich and romantic.

Fall Wedding Colors #3: Taupe, Grey, & Sage

Fall Wedding Colors taupe sage grey 01 1024x1024 - Fall Wedding Colors 2021

Why It Works –

The “Neutral & Greenery” trend will look fresh and unfamiliar when you deepen the colors to create this understated Fall wedding palette. Dusty neutrals like Taupe and Grey have a light feel that doesn’t feel out of place in the chill of the autumn air. Balance these colors with pops of Sage, which will look bright and vibrant in comparison, but will never be too loud or bold.

Where & How – Dress your bridesmaids in light Sage bridesmaids dresses and accent their looks with bouquets full of ivory flowers and greenery, all tied together with Taupe ribbons. Give your tables a sleek and modern monochromatic look by sticking only to neutral tones and pops of Ivory. Although this wedding palette lacks a lot of color, the result will be an upscale fall wedding no one will soon forget.

Accent it With – Because there is nothing “over-the-top” about this color combination, add a little sparkle for an easy way to make your décor look wedding ready. Wear a shimmering ivory bridal gown, print your menus on lustrous paper, and add a hint of sparkle to any aspect of your décor for a look that no one has seen before.

About Stephanie Dupuis Photography

Hi! Stephanie Dupuis Photography is a two person team that specializes in photographing families and children. In addition, Stephanie and Bill also love maternity shoots, newborn portraits and baby photos as well as high school seniors. Stephanie Dupuis Photography works in Lancaster, Littleton, Whitefield, Dalton, Groveton, Berlin, Gorham and surrounding towns. Please inquire for travel rates to other areas.

Winter Wedding Colors 2021

Winter is truly an underrated season when it comes to weddings. Summer and Fall have certainly become the most popular wedding seasons, however, what is more beautiful than getting to say “I Do” in a veritable winter wonderland? Freshly fallen snow, guests filled with good cheer, and an excuse to trade Fair Isle sweaters in for cocktail attire – every element of this season comes together to provide you with the perfect setting for an unforgettable wedding day.
If you are a bold bride who is unafraid of a few flurries, winter weddings can also be some of the most beautiful and elegant. Try out one of these stunning winter wedding color palettes for your upcoming wedding.

Winter Wedding Colors #1: Hunter Green, Black, & Silver

Winter Wedding Colors hunter green black silver 01 1024x1024 - Winter Wedding Colors 2021

Why it Works –

This winter color palette is perfect for glam brides who want to evoke the elegance of the season without sticking to traditional holiday colors. Hunter Green is rising in popularity as a wedding color, and it’s sure to reach its pinnacle of perfection by the time 2021 draws to a close. Black is not often used in wedding décor, but when done correctly, it always looks chic. Using Silver (instead of Gold) is an unexpected twist that successfully brightens up the places where the other two colors could overwhelm the room.

Where & How – Use Hunter Green in sweeping statements, like your bridesmaids’ dresses, tablecloths, and decor. Black should be used sparingly, but in enough places so that it doesn’t look accidental or out of place – long black tapered candles and graphic, monochromatic menus are a great start. Silver should be present as often as possible to provide a balance. Lustrous candlesticks, glittering ribbons on bouquets, and silver-toned jewelry should definitely make an appearance.

Accent it With – Winter is a perfect time to reminisce on days of old. Authentic antique elements within your decor provide a nostalgic and slightly magical feeling. A timeworn typewriter can replace your guest book, a large birdcage on your gift table can catch your wedding cards, and vintage photos of relative’s wedding days provide both charm and visual interest.  

Winter Wedding Colors #2: Camel, Olive Green, & Cream

Winter Wedding Colors camel olive green cream 1024x1024 - Winter Wedding Colors 2021

Why it Works –

There is a fresh sense of refinement to this subtle but impactful wedding palette. Camel is a highly versatile neutral that is pleasing to the eye, ensuring you can never go overboard when it comes to this color. Olive Green is an elevated color with holiday appeal, while Cream accents soften the entire look and steeps everything in romance. Pops of a deep, ruby red are allowed here but use them very sparingly to avoid a cliché “red and green” holiday wedding palette.

Where & How – Get creative in your use of Camel, and don’t feel like tones have to exactly match. Drape a light brown fur shawl over your shoulders for incredible outdoor pictures, dress your groomsmen in khaki pants, and use natural wood accents throughout your décor to subtly fill your wedding day with this color. Sprigs of pine here and there add another natural element to this spectacular winter wedding look, while greenery with cream colored flowers in your bouquet effortlessly ties it all together.

Accent it With – For some reason, the holiday season always feels frozen in time. Harken back to the days of old by incorporating vintage holiday décor throughout your big day. Ornaments and holiday cards from the 1940s and 1950s give your wedding a charming retro vibe that everyone will appreciate.

Winter Wedding Colors #3: Ice Blue, Burgundy & Taupe

Winter Wedding Colors ice blue burgundy taupe 1024x1024 - Winter Wedding Colors 2021

Why it Works –

This winter wedding color palette channels all of the colors present within a delicate snow storm. Taupe (or a very light grey) adds depth and dimension in a way that a traditional White or Ivory never could, while Ice Blue has a distinctly wintery look that is stunning and striking without adding too much actual “color” to your wedding day. Pops of Burgundy provide visual interest and ensure your wedding doesn’t look too blindingly bright.

Where & How – Play with colors that have cool undertones (like pewter and matte silver) to expertly pull this look off. Bridal gowns with ivory lace and a slightly grey lining are rising to popularity and perfectly align with this look. So too do shimmering metallic bridesmaids dresses and silver flatware. Ice Blue bouquet ribbons or glassware add accents in all the right places, while Burgundy should spring to life in small places, like in your groomsmen’s bow-ties or in your bouquet.

Accent it With – With a shimmering palette that has such a serious sense of style, lighten the mood by adding cozy knit textures throughout. A chunky ivory cardigan over your wedding dress has a lighthearted feel that will contrast beautifully with any opulent bridal look – not to mention, it will keep you nice and warm during outdoor photos. Provide your guests with cozy woolen mittens or drape knit blankets over your seating for a warm and accessible wedding day look that is still elegant and right on trend.

About Stephanie Dupuis Photography

Hi! Stephanie Dupuis Photography is a two person team that specializes in photographing families and children. In addition, Stephanie and Bill also love maternity shoots, newborn portraits and baby photos as well as high school seniors. Stephanie Dupuis Photography works in Lancaster, Littleton, Whitefield, Dalton, Groveton, Berlin, Gorham and surrounding towns. Please inquire for travel rates to other areas.