Nine Inspirational Wedding Themes

The word “wedding” conjures up a few traditional images in everyone’s mind. Anyone who has ever planned a wedding, however, will tell you that there is no one way to plan a wedding. With so many options to choose from when it comes to your wedding colors, attire, and décor, it is easy to get incredibly overwhelmed. Picking a general theme tends to make the planning process easier, as it helps you verbalize what you are looking for when talking to your vendors. Here are nine ideas that will help you decide which direction to take when it comes to planning the look of your wedding.

#1: Classic & Romantic

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Classically romantic weddings are the easiest to emulate simply because there are so many incredible places to draw inspiration from. Classic weddings feature all the traditional trimmings, including a formal dress code, a sit-down dinner, fabulous centerpieces, a head table, and statement-making floral arrangements. While there are still plenty of places to inject personal touches, these weddings are typically black-tie optional affairs that look and feel like they are straight out of a movie. Sample Color Palette: Ivory, Gold, Blush, Burgundy Must Haves: A multi-tiered wedding cake, a white ballgown, decadent centerpieces, awesome up-lighting, a live band, and plenty of dancing.

#2: Rustic & Chic

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Rustic weddings are slightly less traditional than your average formal affair. With that said, they are still exceptionally elegant. These weddings typically include a collection of shabby-chic décor, mismatched bridesmaids dresses, and a warm, casual refinement. Usually held in a rural or pastoral setting, they maintain a wonderfully laid-back vibe that everyone will appreciate.

Sample Color Palette: Sage Green, Dusty Blue, Mauve, Light Grey, and other muted pastels. Must Haves: A naked cake, a beautiful barn venue, hay bales, lanterns, wildflowers, and barnboard accents.

#3: Vintage & Elegant

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Vintage weddings draw inspiration from beautiful, bygone days. These weddings typically focus on mid-century trends from the 1940s & 1950s. No matter if you opt for authentic pieces of décor from a local antique store or seek out era-appropriate reproductions, you’ll find plenty to work with in terms of décor. Vintage suitcases, milk glass vases, and retro-inspired patterns all combine beautifully to create a wedding day steeped in timeless elegance. Sample Color Palette: Pale Yellow, Peach, Light Blue, White. Must Haves: A tea-length wedding dress, a birdcage veil, antique furniture, subtle polka dot prints, a classic car, and old family wedding photos.

#4: Alternative & Offbeat

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Alternative couples should never feel like they need to conform when it comes to their wedding day. While some traditional elements are expected, there’s no reason not to put your own personal touch on your big day. If you and your partner have a rock-n-roll vibe, there’s no reason to hide that away. A dark, moody wedding with touches of leather will contrast beautifully with the traditional elements you do maintain. Sample Color Palette: Black, Hunter Green, Plum, Bronze. Must Haves: An industrial reception space, dark florals, Edison bulbs, black leather accents, and tattoo-inspired prints.

#5: Art Deco & Decadent

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This type of wedding borrows heavily from the romance and grandeur of the Roaring Twenties. If you have always wanted to throw a Gatsby-esque party, a decadent Art Deco themed wedding day allows you to do just that. Shimmering metallics, sparkly sequins, and geometric patterns should all take center stage here. Don’t worry about going too over the top – when it comes to 1920s style weddings, excess is expected. Sample Color Palette: Gold, Silver, Champagne, Black. Must Haves: Mirrored surfaces, ostrich feathers, authentic Art Deco patterns, prohibition-era beverages, a jazz band, and a lively dance floor. Check out this beautiful example of an Art Deco Wedding

#6: Breezy & Bohemian

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Breezy, bohemian weddings are perfect for free-spirited couples who want to put their own twist on their big day. These casual, laidback affairs are still incredibly thoughtful and detailed. Expertly paired patterns, colors, and textures combine with natural settings to create a mystical, boho wonderland that will leave people in awe. Sample Color Palette: Dusty rose, sage green, ivory, and teal. Must Haves: Flower crowns, macramé accents, mismatched floral patterns, oriental rugs, birchbark, fairy lights, and a gorgeous outdoor setting.

#7: Preppy & Proper

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With so many couples opting for rustic weddings, a prim, proper, preppy wedding is surprisingly refreshing. For these weddings, crisp fabrics, clean lines, and classic colors combine to create a chic wedding inspired by coastal cities of New England. Patterned fabrics and pearls are just the beginning when it comes to these weddings, which are nothing short of picture-perfect. Sample Color Palette: Navy Blue, White, Hot Pink, and Gold. Must Haves: Nautical touches, Lilly Pulitzer prints, bold stripes, pearl accents, monograms, and khaki clad groomsmen.

#8: Cute & Colorful

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Brides often shy away from bold, bright colors. When done correctly, however, vibrant colors can combine to create a colorful, whimsical wedding that is nothing short of spectacular. Filled with charming touches, these weddings make everyone feel comfortable, relaxed, and ready to celebrate. Cute, colorful weddings are a true celebration of life and love. Sample Color Palette: Orange, Yellow, Hot Pink, and Teal. Must Haves: Vibrant floral arrangements, streamers, balloons, flag bunting, and a confetti send off.

#9: Gothic & Gorgeous

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Weddings with a Gothic twist can be just as gorgeous as any traditional all-white affair. Here, dark colors, rich fabrics, and slightly spooky touches combine to create a wedding day that no one will soon forget. No matter if you have a penchant for medieval times or have always dreamed of hosting a classy Halloween soiree, there are plenty of ways to make your wedding look like it is straight out of a Tim Burton flick.

Sample Color Palette: Scarlet Red, Black, Navy Blue, Gold. Must Haves: Rich fabrics like leather and velvet, dark florals, black lace, candelabras, red roses, macabre imagery, a wedding dress that is anything but white. One Last Word of Advice…. While it is so, so tempting to try to turn all of your favorite photos from Pinterest into a reality, never lose sight of what is truly important on your wedding day – YOU! Every single choice you make when it comes to your big day should feel comfortable to you as a couple. If that means putting a twist on old traditions or doing something slightly off-beat, even better. The more your wedding is a reflection of your unique and individual personalities, the more heartwarming and wonderful it will be for everyone involved.

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Hi! We’re Stephanie & Bill, New England wedding photographers based in Northern NH. We love photographing weddings because of our passion for helping couples remember one of the most important days of their lives. Stephanie Dupuis Photography offers engagement photography, wedding photography, and bridal sessions throughout New England. As wedding photographers, we believe in the value of printing images – so much so that all of our wedding packages include a beautiful signature wedding album.

2021 Wedding Colors

Wondering how to choose the perfect 2021 wedding colors? This series of blog posts will take the guesswork out of choosing stylish, beautiful colors for your special day – regardless of the season. One of the most important aspects of wedding planning is choosing the perfect wedding color palette. Because there are so many color combinations to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start or which wedding colors will appropriately bring your wedding day vision to life. An easy way to narrow down your choices while also creating a breathtaking wedding look is to consider the season in which your wedding will occur. By doing so, your décor will channel all of the beauty of your chosen time of year. 2021 wedding colors will be full of rich and beautiful tones that any bride will love.

Spring Weddings

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Spring is a beautiful season where nature is blinking to life and warm breezes start to multiply. Choosing a wedding that is full of deep, dark colors would feel out of place in this light, airy season. With that said, a pastel-heavy wedding might start to look like an Easter parade considering the time of year. If you want to find a Spring color palette that is fresh, light and fun, click here for our favorite Spring 2021 Wedding Color Palettes.

Summer Weddings

Lambert Wedding 1583 1024x683 - 2021 Wedding Colors

Summer is considered “wedding season” for good reason. Long, warm days combine with exciting, electric evenings. Summer itself is always worthy of celebration, and your wedding can combine to create the perfect excuse to party. Because Summer is high time for weddings, your guests are sure to be invited to many, many nuptials throughout the Summer, meaning you’ll need an on-trend but unexpected palette so that your wedding doesn’t look like everyone else’s. Create a uniquely styled wedding look that no one has seen before by browsing our cutting-edge Summer 2021 Wedding Color Palette picks.

Fall Weddings

Pushee 6 1024x752 - 2021 Wedding Colors

Fall is a spectacular season full of changing colors, cozy sweaters, and pleasant weather. Autumn weddings are rising in popularity and for good reason – the rich, opulent feel of autumn weather makes everyone want to gather around roaring fires and create memories. Because Fall has such a specific color palette, it’s easy to pick the same wedding palette as everyone else who wants to say “I Do” during this season.  Channel the luxurious look of autumn by checking out our favorite unexpected Fall 2021 Wedding Color Palettes.

Winter Weddings

Kittle wedding 1611 1024x684 - 2021 Wedding Colors

There is perhaps nothing more beautiful that getting married in a setting that looks and feels like a Winter Wonderland. The holidays get everyone in the mood to celebrate love, and a Winter wedding is the perfect excuse to get dressed up and beat cabin fever. If you want to ensure your wedding looks on point rather than too literal, click here for some perfectly styled Winter 2021 Wedding Color Palettes.

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About Stephanie Dupuis Photography

Hi! We’re Stephanie & Bill, New England wedding photographers based in Northern NH. We love photographing weddings because of our passion for helping couples remember one of the most important days of their lives. Stephanie Dupuis Photography offers engagement photography, wedding photography, and bridal sessions throughout New England. As wedding photographers, we believe in the value of printing images – so much so that all of our wedding packages include a beautiful signature wedding album.

Fall Wedding Colors 2021

Fall is one of the best seasons to have a wedding. The air’s slight chill makes for crisp, pleasant evenings, while the changing leaves provide a perfect backdrop for your wedding pictures. The best part about a Fall 2021 wedding, however, is choosing an opulent color palette that compliments the season’s rich textures and unmatched elegance. For a gorgeous fall wedding that doesn’t look overdone, try one of these incredibly chic wedding color palettes, which are perfect for any upcoming 2021 autumn wedding.

Fall Wedding Colors #1: Dusty Rose, Pumpkin, & Mustard

Fall Wedding Colors dusty rose pumpkin mustard 01 1024x1024 - Fall Wedding Colors 2021

Why It Works –

All of the colors of an autumn sunset are present within this gorgeous wedding color palette. This season, Dusty Rose takes the place of Marsala and Blush, which teeter on the edge of looking overdone. This dusty hue is a feminine color that maintains a hint of regality, ensuring your décor will look feminine and romantic without looking saccharine. Similarly, on-trend tones of Pumpkin Orange & Mustard Yellow will hint at the color of changing leaves without being too literal. This palette is an updated take on classic Fall wedding colors.

Where & How – Dusty Rose combines well with other muted tones within your floral arrangements, while dusty pink velvet accents throughout your wedding and reception will give it a Pinterest-worthy look everyone will envy. Dusty Rose bridesmaid dresses are a safe bet, however dressing your bridal party in Mustard will give it a fashion-forward Fall look that is flattering, unexpected, and right on-trend. The color Pumpkin can easily overwhelm, so use an editor’s eye when it comes to your décor. Stick with natural elements, like real pumpkins, to ensure this color never appears too glaring or over the top.

Accent it With – Earthy colors all flawlessly fit within this stylish palette. We suggest dressing your groomsmen in brown or grey tweed jackets with khaki pants to perfectly compliment the sartorial look of your bridesmaids. Touches of leather are also welcome – opt for raw leather cording instead of ribbons for a look that is both edgy and rustic all at once.

Fall Wedding Colors #2: Oxblood, Plum, & Gold

Fall Wedding Colors oxblood plum gold 01 1024x1024 - Fall Wedding Colors 2021

Why It Works –

Every Fall 2021 wedding will instantly look rich and opulent when done in this deep, moody palette. Plum is a rich jewel tone with a hint of mystery, which is perfectly complimented by Oxblood – a deep, dark shade of burgundy that is nothing short of glamorous. A Golden sheen will perfectly contrast with these seriously sleek colors, giving your wedding a regal look that is sure to be awe-inspiring.

Where & How – Interchange Oxblood and Plum throughout your décor, including on your tablescapes and invitations. While both of these are heavy, dark colors, they complement each other just enough to look stunning side-by-side. Embossed gold lettering and shimmering golden candle holders are also a must. Gold will reflect the light and give your wedding a cozy Fall glow. When it comes to your floral arrangements, using only dark flowers can look borderline gothic. Balance out deep red and purple roses with tons of greenery and touches of baby’s breath for a look that is rich and romantic.

Fall Wedding Colors #3: Taupe, Grey, & Sage

Fall Wedding Colors taupe sage grey 01 1024x1024 - Fall Wedding Colors 2021

Why It Works –

The “Neutral & Greenery” trend will look fresh and unfamiliar when you deepen the colors to create this understated Fall wedding palette. Dusty neutrals like Taupe and Grey have a light feel that doesn’t feel out of place in the chill of the autumn air. Balance these colors with pops of Sage, which will look bright and vibrant in comparison, but will never be too loud or bold.

Where & How – Dress your bridesmaids in light Sage bridesmaids dresses and accent their looks with bouquets full of ivory flowers and greenery, all tied together with Taupe ribbons. Give your tables a sleek and modern monochromatic look by sticking only to neutral tones and pops of Ivory. Although this wedding palette lacks a lot of color, the result will be an upscale fall wedding no one will soon forget.

Accent it With – Because there is nothing “over-the-top” about this color combination, add a little sparkle for an easy way to make your décor look wedding ready. Wear a shimmering ivory bridal gown, print your menus on lustrous paper, and add a hint of sparkle to any aspect of your décor for a look that no one has seen before.

About Stephanie Dupuis Photography

Hi! We’re Stephanie & Bill, New England wedding photographers based in Northern NH. We love photographing weddings because of our passion for helping couples remember one of the most important days of their lives. Stephanie Dupuis Photography offers engagement photography, wedding photography, and bridal sessions throughout New England. As wedding photographers, we believe in the value of printing images – so much so that all of our wedding packages include a beautiful signature wedding album.

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Winter Wedding Colors 2021

Winter is truly an underrated season when it comes to weddings. Summer and Fall have certainly become the most popular wedding seasons, however, what is more beautiful than getting to say “I Do” in a veritable winter wonderland? Freshly fallen snow, guests filled with good cheer, and an excuse to trade Fair Isle sweaters in for cocktail attire – every element of this season comes together to provide you with the perfect setting for an unforgettable wedding day.
If you are a bold bride who is unafraid of a few flurries, winter weddings can also be some of the most beautiful and elegant. Try out one of these stunning winter wedding color palettes for your upcoming wedding.

Winter Wedding Colors #1: Hunter Green, Black, & Silver

Winter Wedding Colors hunter green black silver 01 1024x1024 - Winter Wedding Colors 2021

Why it Works –

This winter color palette is perfect for glam brides who want to evoke the elegance of the season without sticking to traditional holiday colors. Hunter Green is rising in popularity as a wedding color, and it’s sure to reach its pinnacle of perfection by the time 2021 draws to a close. Black is not often used in wedding décor, but when done correctly, it always looks chic. Using Silver (instead of Gold) is an unexpected twist that successfully brightens up the places where the other two colors could overwhelm the room.

Where & How – Use Hunter Green in sweeping statements, like your bridesmaids’ dresses, tablecloths, and decor. Black should be used sparingly, but in enough places so that it doesn’t look accidental or out of place – long black tapered candles and graphic, monochromatic menus are a great start. Silver should be present as often as possible to provide a balance. Lustrous candlesticks, glittering ribbons on bouquets, and silver-toned jewelry should definitely make an appearance.

Accent it With – Winter is a perfect time to reminisce on days of old. Authentic antique elements within your decor provide a nostalgic and slightly magical feeling. A timeworn typewriter can replace your guest book, a large birdcage on your gift table can catch your wedding cards, and vintage photos of relative’s wedding days provide both charm and visual interest.  

Winter Wedding Colors #2: Camel, Olive Green, & Cream

Winter Wedding Colors camel olive green cream 1024x1024 - Winter Wedding Colors 2021

Why it Works –

There is a fresh sense of refinement to this subtle but impactful wedding palette. Camel is a highly versatile neutral that is pleasing to the eye, ensuring you can never go overboard when it comes to this color. Olive Green is an elevated color with holiday appeal, while Cream accents soften the entire look and steeps everything in romance. Pops of a deep, ruby red are allowed here but use them very sparingly to avoid a cliché “red and green” holiday wedding palette.

Where & How – Get creative in your use of Camel, and don’t feel like tones have to exactly match. Drape a light brown fur shawl over your shoulders for incredible outdoor pictures, dress your groomsmen in khaki pants, and use natural wood accents throughout your décor to subtly fill your wedding day with this color. Sprigs of pine here and there add another natural element to this spectacular winter wedding look, while greenery with cream colored flowers in your bouquet effortlessly ties it all together.

Accent it With – For some reason, the holiday season always feels frozen in time. Harken back to the days of old by incorporating vintage holiday décor throughout your big day. Ornaments and holiday cards from the 1940s and 1950s give your wedding a charming retro vibe that everyone will appreciate.

Winter Wedding Colors #3: Ice Blue, Burgundy & Taupe

Winter Wedding Colors ice blue burgundy taupe 1024x1024 - Winter Wedding Colors 2021

Why it Works –

This winter wedding color palette channels all of the colors present within a delicate snow storm. Taupe (or a very light grey) adds depth and dimension in a way that a traditional White or Ivory never could, while Ice Blue has a distinctly wintery look that is stunning and striking without adding too much actual “color” to your wedding day. Pops of Burgundy provide visual interest and ensure your wedding doesn’t look too blindingly bright.

Where & How – Play with colors that have cool undertones (like pewter and matte silver) to expertly pull this look off. Bridal gowns with ivory lace and a slightly grey lining are rising to popularity and perfectly align with this look. So too do shimmering metallic bridesmaids dresses and silver flatware. Ice Blue bouquet ribbons or glassware add accents in all the right places, while Burgundy should spring to life in small places, like in your groomsmen’s bow-ties or in your bouquet.

Accent it With – With a shimmering palette that has such a serious sense of style, lighten the mood by adding cozy knit textures throughout. A chunky ivory cardigan over your wedding dress has a lighthearted feel that will contrast beautifully with any opulent bridal look – not to mention, it will keep you nice and warm during outdoor photos. Provide your guests with cozy woolen mittens or drape knit blankets over your seating for a warm and accessible wedding day look that is still elegant and right on trend.

About Stephanie Dupuis Photography

Hi! We’re Stephanie & Bill, New England wedding photographers based in Northern NH. We love photographing weddings because of our passion for helping couples remember one of the most important days of their lives. Stephanie Dupuis Photography offers engagement photography, wedding photography, and bridal sessions throughout New England. As wedding photographers, we believe in the value of printing images – so much so that all of our wedding packages include a beautiful signature wedding album.

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Spring Wedding Colors 2021

These spring wedding color ideas should provide you plenty of inspiration to create the perfect Spring Color Palette that works for your wedding. Spring weddings have a perennially breezy feel, making them incredibly beautiful and romantic on their own. For a Spring 2021 Wedding that is big on style, take a look at these fresh color palettes that perfectly compliment warmer temperatures and budding flowers.

Spring Wedding Colors #1: Dusty Blue, Peach, & Taupe

Spring Wedding Colors dusty blue peach taupe 1024x1024 - Spring Wedding Colors 2021

Why It Works –

This on-trend wedding color palette is incredibly popular and for good reason. Shades of Dusty Blue in differing textures impart a rich, timeless, and sophisticated look to any springtime soiree, while Peach is a feminine and fun departure from the Blush. Thoughtful hints of Taupe, Champagne, Mocha, and other light neutrals tie the two colors together for a fresh color palette that is classy but lighthearted, just like any Spring wedding should be.

Where & How – Allow Dusty Blue to steal the spotlight from the other colors but do so with care. Adorn your bridesmaids in blue but keep their bouquets light to create a beautiful contrast. Bring in pops of Peach in various places, such as table runners, napkins, pocket squares, or centerpieces, and use neutral colors in as many places as possible to successfully bring this look to life.

Accent With – This color combination looks beautiful with natural elements, which is perfectly on trend for Spring 2021 weddings. Use raw quartz accents in your centerpieces or print your menus on paper with a marbled pattern to ensure this color palette doesn’t look too basic.

This wedding color palette works perfectly for outdoor Spring weddings. Allow the bright, blue sky to compliment your colors for wedding pictures that truly pop.

Spring Wedding Colors #2: Lavender, Sage, & Ivory

Spring Wedding Colors lavender sage ivory 1024x1024 - Spring Wedding Colors 2021

Why It Works –

These colors combine beautifully to create the perfect backdrop for a fresh and elevated Spring wedding. Lavender is a soft yet stylish color that comes to life when offset by a dusty green Sage. Incorporating Ivory is a bold move that will allow everything to look even more spectacular.

Where & How – Lavender is a color that looks great on bridesmaids but don’t be afraid to incorporate various shades and patterns of purple into their dresses for a purposely mismatched look. Greenery with Ivory floral accents on your decor and in your bouquets will ensure that your wedding is right on-trend. For the guys, gray suits will blend perfectly with this Spring palette.

Accent With – Barn-board has a rough texture that expertly contrasts with this delicate color scheme. Use pieces of reclaimed wood as a base for your centerpieces or various signage around your reception space. The more weathered or whitewashed the wood, the better. Perfect For – Spring barn weddings come to life when offset by this incredible color palette. The raw textures and antique charm of barn venues compliments these classic colors beautifully.

Spring Wedding Colors #3: Blush, Dusty Rose, & Gold

Spring Wedding Colors dusty rose blush gold 1024x1024 - Spring Wedding Colors 2021

Why It Works –

Differing shades of Blush have a lux look that is always wedding ready. For a color palette that is made for Spring weddings, focus on lighter shades of pink and incorporate Dusty Rose sparingly for maximum effect. The stunning Gold metallic sheen livens up these various shades of blush for a look that is thoughtful and surprisingly unexpected.

Where & How – Dressing your bridesmaids in blush is an easy choice, but don’t be afraid to allow your Maid of Honor to wear Dusty Rose for an elegant way to make her stand out. White and Blush florals will bring this look to life within your decor, and gold mercury glass accents allow everything to have a polished appearance that is also relaxed and refined. Navy or Grey suits both work with this palette and contrast beautifully against these ultra-feminine hues.

Accent With – Although it may seem strange, tiny touches of Black or Charcoal really bring this Spring color palette to life. Opt for graphic, geometric patterns on the back of your menus or tie your napkins together with black striped ribbon. It may seem counter-intuitive, but when done correctly this elevates the look of your wedding from ordinary to extraordinary.

Perfect For – Sophisticated Spring weddings that big on style. We could see this color palette dressing up a historic venue for a wedding that is classy, modern, and romantic all at once.

About Stephanie Dupuis Photography

Hi! We’re Stephanie & Bill, New England wedding photographers based in Northern NH. We love photographing weddings because of our passion for helping couples remember one of the most important days of their lives. Stephanie Dupuis Photography offers engagement photography, wedding photography, and bridal sessions throughout New England. As wedding photographers, we believe in the value of printing images – so much so that all of our wedding packages include a beautiful signature wedding album.

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Summer Wedding Colors 2021

Summer is one of the most popular seasons for weddings, and it’s easy to see why. Summer means warm afternoons, captivating sunsets, and a sky full of twinkling stars – all of which combine to make a beautiful backdrop for any classically romantic wedding day.

If you want to create a Summer 2021 wedding that is right on-trend and slightly cutting edge, copy these unique summer wedding colors for a fancy midsummer affair.

Summer Wedding Colors copper teal ivory 1024x1024 - Summer Wedding Colors 2021

Summer Wedding Colors #1: Copper, Teal, & Ivory

Why It Works –

These tones are rich and regal without being too bright, heavy, or overpowering for a Summer wedding. The subtle gleam from the touches of Copper will give your wedding day a soft glow. Teal provides a striking contrast to this metallic tone while also providing an unexpected departure from Dusty Blue, a color that will become overdone by the time Summer 2021 is over. Ivory balances these two luxurious shades beautifully and allows this entire Summer wedding palette to effortlessly strike a balance between looking opulent and romantic.

Make this Summer 2021 wedding color palette come to life by incorporating a multitude of textures. Teal or Blue-Green velvet or brocade is ideal, whether you use it in big sweeping statements like in table runners or incorporate into tiny touches, like a velvet ring box. Mismatched copper flatware will bring your tablescapes to life, and creates an impact when also incorporated in soft, delicate places like your bouquet ribbons. Your bridesmaids will also look beautiful in mismatched metallic gowns that feature varying textures and designs

Accent With – Illuminate this Summer color palette by taking your lighting to the next level. Vintage Edison bulbs are perfectly on trend and create a soft, coppery glow, bathing your entire reception in flattering light. It will bring out the rich, deep tones of the teal when the sun goes down, creating an elegant and romantic ambiance that is as wedding-worthy as it gets.

Summer Wedding Colors #2: Tangerine, Sapphire Blue, & Magenta

Summer Wedding Colors Tangerine sapphire blue magenta 1024x1024 - Summer Wedding Colors 2021

Why It Works –

Weddings in 2021 have been notoriously lacking in color. While the “Greenery and Ivory” trend imparts a timeless look, surprise all of your guests by playing with color – lots of it! Warm, eclectic, and vibrant hues scream summer and are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. It’s the happiest day of your life, so celebrate it in loud, beautiful colors.

Where & How – Choosing on-trend, vibrant shades is the key to creating a perfectly styled wedding. Use warm tones like Tangerine, Magenta, and Bright Pink for exciting floral arrangements, but use an editor’s eye to balance out these colors with bright greens and accents of ivory. Use Sapphire Blue sparingly and always pair it with white – patterned china makes for photo-worthy table settings, for example. Allow your bridesmaids to pick their favorite vibrant color or encourage them to wear Lilly Pulitzer-esque prints for a bridal party look that will take everyone by surprise.

Accent With – Whimsical touches like oversized helium balloons give your wedding a stylish yet lighthearted touch. Think of ways to break from convention – allow your flower girls to wave colorful ribbon wands or have your guests blow bubbles as you walk down the aisle. Whatever you do, don’t take your event too seriously! These colors look best when accompanied by fun.

Summer Wedding Colors #3: Dusty Blue, Blush, & Bronze

Summer Wedding Colors dusty blue blush bronze 1024x1024 - Summer Wedding Colors 2021

Why It Works –

This color palette is classic and sophisticated, creating a wedding day so beautiful that everyone will be talking about it. All of these dusty, romantic colors combine in beautiful ways. With that said, none of these colors are too loud or too trendy, allowing them to blend into the background so your love story can take center stage.

Where & How – Dusty Blue gives everything an antique feel, so use it as often as possible. Your table settings, invitations, and even bridesmaid’s dresses will look gorgeous when adorned with this effortless hue. Blush looks beautiful in your flowers, of course, but light pink patterns on your menus, programs, or signage brings romance to life. Bronze (or Rose Gold, if you prefer) adds texture and style. Find accent pieces like antique candle sticks, flatware, or even jewelry to bring this metallic tone to life.

Accent With –  Mismatched glassware works perfectly with this delightfully romantic wedding color palette. Visit an antique store to find colorful goblets, pitchers, or glassware to add texture and dimension. Antique liqueur glasses are perfect for cocktail hour, while mismatched floral tea cups can create adorable centerpieces.

About Stephanie Dupuis Photography

Hi! We’re Stephanie & Bill, New England wedding photographers based in Northern NH. We love photographing weddings because of our passion for helping couples remember one of the most important days of their lives. Stephanie Dupuis Photography offers engagement photography, wedding photography, and bridal sessions throughout New England. As wedding photographers, we believe in the value of printing images – so much so that all of our wedding packages include a beautiful signature wedding album.

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Mountain View Grand Resort

Bridal Session 12 1 1024x682 - Mountain View Grand Resort

For a New Hampshire wedding venue that is breathtaking both inside and out, Mountain View Grand Resort is simply perfect. This exceptional and expansive venue offers a multitude of event spaces that accommodate intimate gatherings and large receptions alike. Not to mention, the amenities, photo ops, and surrounding scenery are unmatched.

Read on to learn about hosting your beautiful New Hampshire wedding at the Mountain View Grand Resort.

Mountain View Grand Resort Overview

Mountain View Grand Resort is a grand hotel nestled in the heart of the White Mountains. With over 400-acres of manicured property, the picturesque setting promises to provide a stunning background for your wedding day. No matter if you are seeking an intimate, outdoor soiree or a large, over-the-top affair, Mountain View Grand Resort can easily make your dream into a reality.

Although filled with modern amenities, Mountain View Grand Resort is extremely proud of its historic roots. In 1865, a couple of weary travelers were traveling from Montreal to Boston when their stagecoach became stuck in the mud. Searching for a place to stay, they stumbled upon the home of the Dodge family, who graciously opened their doors and allowed the couple to spend the night. In the morning, the couple was enchanted the surrounding scenery and gracious hospitality. They recommended that the Dodge family turn their home into an inn. Following this fortuitous exchange, the Dodge family opened an inn named “Mountain View House,” which eventually grew into the resort it is today.

Grown it certainly has – today, the resort features 141 guest rooms, a challenging 9-hole golf course, and an award-winning spa on site. In addition, guests are welcome to enjoy a variety of additional on-site amenities, dine in one of the in-house restaurants, and take part in seasonal activities during their stay. Mountain View Grand Resort prides itself in providing every guest with a luxurious and personalized experience that they will never forget.

Incredible Event Spaces

When it comes to hosting weddings, Mountain View Grand Resort is more than equipped to accommodate ceremonies and receptions of virtually any size and style. If you are looking to also hold your ceremony on the property grounds, you’ll find plenty of incredible spaces available for you to say your “I do’s.” Spaces like the Grand Fountain Terrace include an exquisite open-sided chapel in which to exchange your vows. Overlook Lawn – one of the resort’s most popular ceremony sites – features a historic gazebo as well as an awe-inspiring view of the Presidential Mountain Range.

For large receptions, the Crystal Ballroom is a stylish and sophisticated indoor space. This expansive and impressive ballroom features incredible floor-to-ceiling windows, which provide you with breathtaking 360-degree views of the surrounding scenery. You’ll also find a glittering crystal chandelier suspended in the center of the room’s domed ceiling for added elegance and ambiance.

The Crystal Ballroom can also be combined with the adjacent Mountain View Tent. This newly constructed space provides you with the perfect place to hold your ceremony before retreating to the Crystal Ballroom to eat and dance the night away at your reception. It can also be turned into a semi-outdoor reception space depending on your event’s specifications.

The Presidential Ballroom is a slightly more intimate event space that is smaller in size but no less spectacular. It includes twinkling chandeliers and a large fireplace, which serves as an opulent focal point. The Presidential Deck and Promenade are also right outside, giving your guests plenty of room to mingle during your cocktail hour and take in the incredible scenery. If you are hosting a smaller affair, you’ll also find private rooms available to host intimate receptions, rehearsal dinners, and additional events during your wedding weekend.

Perfect in any Season

Surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, there is no wrong time to host a wedding at Mountain View Grand Resort. In spring and summer, lush greenery and a bright blue sky provide the perfect backdrop for your nuptials. In fall, the incredible foliage ensures your wedding is bathed in rich colors and golden tones. In the winter, the expansive, snow-covered property creates a veritable wonderland for you and your guests to enjoy.

Booking Your Wedding at Mountain View Grand Resort

No matter your vision, the staff and event coordinators at Mountain View Grand Resort are eager to bring your wedding day to life. Events are already booking into 2021, meaning it is never too early to set up a tour and reserve one of their beautiful event spaces for your wedding. Booking early also allows you to reserve room blocks for your guests at the Mountain View Grand Hotel so that they can stay onsite all weekend long. One exceptional perk of selecting the Mountain View Grand Resort as your wedding venue is the fact that Mountain View Grand’s Spa is conveniently located on-site. This full-service salon and spa offers professional treatments that are sure to have you glowing by the time you walk down the aisle. You can read more about the services the Tower Spa offers here.

No matter if you are from the surrounding area or coming from out of state, brides appreciate the ability to have every event of their wedding weekend conveniently held onsite. The perfect retreat for yourself and your guests, a wedding at Mountain View Grand Resort is sure to be a wedding that no one soon forgets.

To schedule an appointment and learn more about the event spaces available, contact the venue directly at 603-837-2100 or visit their website.

Mountain View Grand Resort Specifications

Capacity – Reception Spaces:

The Crystal Ballroom – 250 – 275 guests
The Presidential Ballroom – 75 – 150 guests
The Garden Room – 65 – 85 guests
The Clubhouse – 60 guests
The Hunt Room – 18 guests

Capacity – Ceremony Spaces:

Grand Fountain Terrace – 275 guests
Overlook Lawn – 150 guests
The Presidential Promenade – 150 guests
Waterfall Terrace – 50 guests


Catering services are provided by onsite staff. Couples are allowed to use any vendors they would like; however, a preferred vendors list is available upon request.

Room Blocks

Rooms fill up quickly at the Mountain View Grand Hotel. Be sure to set aside rooms for your guests at the same time you book your venue to ensure there is space reserved for all of your guests.


Mountain View Resort offers professional meeting planners to assist you as well as extensive menu options. Contact the venue directly for more information.

About Stephanie Dupuis Photography

Hi! We’re Bill & Stephanie, New England wedding photographers based in Northern NH. We love photographing weddings because of our passion for helping couples remember one of the most important days of their lives. Stephanie Dupuis Photography offers engagement photography, wedding photography, and bridal sessions throughout New England. As wedding photographers, we believe in the value of printing images – so much so that all of our wedding packages include a beautiful signature wedding album.

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Chef Joe’s Catering

Based in Franconia, New Hampshire, Chef Joe’s is a full-service wedding catering service. Chef Joe’s specializes in helping couples create a wedding that is nothing short of unforgettable. While there are many factors that go into creating a picture-perfect wedding, treating your guests to plenty of food and drink is of the utmost importance. Working with an experienced team of experts – like the ones at Chef Joe’s Catering – is a sure-fire way to ensure that your day is as festive as it is fabulous.

F7A4566 684x1024 - Chef Joe's Catering


With a 30-year background in the restaurant industry, Chef Joe began his catering business nearly 12 years ago and has been going full steam ever since. Chef Joe’s Catering primarily focuses on weddings and other largescale special events. Doing this means they are well versed in what goes into creating an exceptional experience for every single guest on your invite list.

Rather than having couples choose a cookie cutter wedding menu, the team at Chef Joe’s Catering sits down with each couple to learn more about their individual preferences and tastes. They are more than willing to re-create dishes that have sentimental meaning, whether it be your great-grandmother’s time-honored recipe or the dessert you ate on the night of your engagement. This team of professionals believes that – when done correctly – the food served at your wedding reception can and should add another layer of meaning to your big day.

Catering Services

With years of experience catering weddings and special events, Chef Joe’s Catering is able to accommodate wedding receptions that range from intimate backyard gatherings to large, upscale events with more than 300 guests in attendance. After an initial meeting, a customized menu is created based upon the couple’s preferences and budget. A tasting is then scheduled upon booking so that the wedding menu is fine-tuned before being finalized.

Being an on-site catering service, everything served is freshly cooked at your reception site. With a fleet of trucks that feature refrigeration, convection ovens, grills, and holding ovens, every plate of food they serve has been freshly cooked (rather than re-heated) immediately before it is placed in front of your guests. This results in tasty dishes that will far surpass the quality of traditional, predictable “wedding food” that everyone has experienced at least once in their life.

In addition to wedding catering, Chef Joe’s can also coordinate your bar service so that everything is taken care of by the same team. This also ensures that your cocktail hour complements and flows beautifully with the dinner service at your wedding reception. Having one team in charge of both aspects is incredibly valuable, as it ensures everyone is on the same page in regard to the overall timing of your wedding day festivities.

More than Weddings…

The team at Chef Joe’s can also assist with coordination, rentals, day-of setup, and wedding menu design. Among their many services, they feature an on-staff wedding coordinator who can work with brides to ensure virtually every important detail of the day looks picture-perfect and runs smoothly. Available upon request, this service can be coordinated directly with the team at Chef Joe’s at the time of your initial consultation.

In addition to creating an amazing wedding day meal, Chef Joe’s also accommodates rehearsal dinners, bridal brunches and more out of their hub at the Franconia Village House. Featuring both an intimate indoor dining area and an outdoor tented patio space, they can accommodate gatherings and special events of up to 150 people.

Food Trends & Tips

Because of their extensive experience catering wedding receptions, Chef Joe’s is incredibly familiar with current wedding trends and tips that ensure brides have a relaxed and wonderful wedding day. With weddings becoming increasingly relaxed, more and more couples are opting for buffet-style meals rather than traditional plated dinners. Food stations, robatayaki bars, and raw bars are becoming more popular, as they allow guests to mingle and interact with each other during the dinner service. Buffet style dinners also generally make it much easier to accommodate guests with food allergies or dietary restrictions.

To really “wow” your wedding guests, the team at Chef Joe’s recommends placing as much of an emphasis on your cocktail hour as possible. Although it is a part of the wedding that most brides, grooms, and bridal parties don’t get to enjoy, the interim time between the ceremony and dinner can truly define a guest’s wedding experience. They have plenty of ideas when it comes to creating a cocktail hour that will properly set the tone for the rest of your wedding reception.

Book Chef Joe’s Catering for Your Big Day

When you book an experienced catering service for your wedding reception, you receive far more than just delicious food. Caterers are trained to work together with your venue and other vendors to ensure that your day runs on-time and without issue. The team at Chef Joe’s Catering is familiar with everything that goes into making weddings simply incredible and are committed to making every bride and groom’s big day as effortless as it is delicious.

While Chef Joe’s typically caters Vermont and New Hampshire weddings, a travel fee is available for weddings that take place outside of their coverage area. To learn more about their wedding menus, catering services, and more, visit or contact them directly at 603-823-8589.

About Stephanie Dupuis Photography

Hi! We’re Bill & Stephanie, New England wedding photographers based in Northern NH. We love photographing weddings because of our passion for helping couples remember one of the most important days of their lives. Stephanie Dupuis Photography offers engagement photography, wedding photography, and bridal sessions throughout New England. As wedding photographers, we believe in the value of printing images – so much so that all of our wedding packages include a beautiful signature wedding album.

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Venue

After the initial excitement of getting engaged has subsided, it’s time to hit the ground running and start wedding planning! Even if you have multiple Pinterest boards filled with ideas, the first steps in the actual planning process can still be incredibly daunting. Choosing your wedding venue is the first and perhaps most important decision you will make in regard to your wedding. After all, the wedding venue is the foundation that determines exactly how all of your Pinterest-worthy ideas will come to life.

There are plenty of things to consider and questions to ask before saying “We Do” to a wedding venue. These 5 tips will help you determine which event space will act as the perfect backdrop for the biggest day of your life.

Kittle wedding 1851 1 1024x683 - 5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Consider Your Wedding Date

Committing to a wedding venue also means committing to a wedding date. Some wedding venues can book out up to 2-years early, especially on popular dates (like holiday weekends) and during popular seasons (like Summer & Fall).

Most venues will be happy to provide insight into their availability early in the process. With that said, if you have your heart set upon a specific day, month, or season, be sure to be upfront about that fact before even making an appointment to view an event space.

Questions to Ask
– What does your availability look like for the upcoming year/years?
– What deposit is required for you to hold our date?
– Is there any flexibility in regard to the date after the contract has been signed?

Consider Your Other Vendors

Because booking your wedding venue means committing to a wedding date if there are any other must-have vendors you wish to work with, be sure to communicate with them before finalizing your decision. The last thing you want is to book your venue only to discover your favorite photographer or florist already has a prior commitment on that specific day.

Some venues also require couples to work only with a provided list of vendors. If this is the case, be sure to research these vendors before committing to an event space. If none of them look promising or fit within your budget, that might be a sign that the venue is not a good fit for your wedding.

Questions to Ask
– Are there any vendors we are required to work with?
– Do you have a list of preferred vendors you recommend?
– Is there an on-site caterer and/or bar service?

Consider the Costs

A venue should be totally transparent with you about the fees required to book their space. Keep in mind – as is the case with many wedding vendors – the price they initially advertise may not include certain add-ons, like taxes or fees. There also may be an upcharge to book an event on popular dates or during peak seasons.

It is also important to ask what is included in the rental fee. Some venues will include chairs, tables, linens, and décor items. Others may only provide you the space, meaning additional vendors will be required for these important basics. Don’t hesitate to ask for a realistic final cost before signing any paperwork.

Questions to Ask
– What is included in your rental costs?
– How long will we have the space for?
– Are there any additional taxes or fees?
– Is there a deposit to book the venue and is this deposit refundable?

Consider the Logistics

When looking at wedding venues, it’s hard not to let your imagination run wild. Don’t forget, however, to consider some not-so-fun facts. Along with basics like overall capacity and costs, consider if there is ample parking or shuttle services available for your guests. If any of your guests are handicapped, be sure to inquire about how well the venue can accommodate guests in wheelchairs or those who have difficulty walking long distances.

Additionally, ask yourself how the location of the venue will work with the rest of your day’s events. A scenic venue in the middle of the woods may be beautiful, but if it is located too far from your ceremony space it may put a strain on your guests. If the majority of your guests are coming in from out of town, consider how close the venue is to an airport and popular hotels. These things may seem trivial several months out from your wedding, but these little details can have a big impact on your guest’s overall experience.

Questions to Ask
– Are you equipped to handle handicapped guests?
– Is parking free and how many spaces are there in total?
– Will inclement weather affect my desired plans? If so, what backup plan is in place?

Consider the Reviews

Everyone knows that online reviews can be a sounding board for disgruntled customers with too-lofty expectations. On the other hand, some companies like to encourage employees, friends, and family members to leave unfounded positive reviews. Reviews and ratings from Google, Yelp, The Knot, Wedding Wire, and Facebook should all be taken into consideration when choosing a wedding venue. If anything seems troubling, don’t be afraid to address these concerns with the venue directly. Online reviews only tell one side of the story, so always allow a business to tell their side before taking any negative reviews to heart.

Wedding venues will usually have photos of previous events on their website to show guests what their venue really looks like when a wedding is in full swing. For additional insight, Googling “Venue Name + Real Wedding” for an idea of what your wedding (and wedding photos) will end up looking like.

Questions to Ask
– What problems have you had with previous clients?
– How did you resolve these issues?
– If I have an issue on my wedding day, who will be on hand to see it is resolved?


Choosing a wedding venue isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. This first step sets the tone for the rest of the planning process. Be sure to tour multiple spaces, ask plenty of questions, and sleep on your decision before signing any paperwork. Once you do find the perfect venue, however, the rest should easily fall into place.

About Stephanie Dupuis Photography

Hi! We’re Bill & Stephanie, New England wedding photographers based in Northern NH. We love photographing weddings because of our passion for helping couples remember one of the most important days of their lives. Stephanie Dupuis Photography offers engagement photography, wedding photography, and bridal sessions throughout New England. As wedding photographers, we believe in the value of printing images – so much so that all of our wedding packages include a beautiful signature wedding album.

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The Maplewood Golf Resort

For a stylish venue that will act as a gorgeous backdrop for your New Hampshire wedding, The Maplewood Golf Resort is an ideal option. Both inside and out, this storied venue is teeming with elements that channel the unique beauty of New England. Attractive architecture, inspired décor, and sweeping landscapes combine to create a one-of-a-kind event space that is nothing short of impeccable.

From its historic roots to its expansive ballroom, read on to learn why The Maplewood will provide you with a wedding day experience you and your guests will never forget.

The Maplewood Golf Resort: A Storied Past

The invention of the American railroad system in the early 1900s allowed tourism to become an incredibly popular pastime. Constructed in 1888, The Maplewood was once a grand hotel that hosted affluent New England society members who were looking to escape crowded city life. People were known to travel up to 10-hours by railway to experience the area’s serene landscapes, sweeping scenery, and refreshing mountain air. The most impressive and luxurious hotel in the Bethlehem area, The Maplewood even hosted Presidents Grant and Roosevelt during its golden age.

In the early 1900s, sport and leisure activities were also taking the country by storm. To capitalize on this thriving industry and to provide upscale guests an unmatched getaway, The Maplewood’s championship golf course was constructed in 1914. In order to complement the resort’s grandeur, the 18-hole course was designed by none other than Donald Ross, a man who is still considered one of the most prolific golf course architects in history. His unmatched understanding of the sport’s artistry allowed him to craft holes that test each player’s unique ability while encouraging a balanced approach to the game. The creatively calculated course demands accuracy in the most enjoyable way possible and continues to challenge players of every experience level.

A fire in the 1960s destroyed the building that originally served as the grand Maplewood hotel. The impressive building you see today was originally used as a leisure and event space for hotel guests. Its remarkable architecture and amazing location overlooking the golf course, however, make it the perfect place for a modern event venue. Recently revitalized, it currently serves as the golf course’s clubhouse as well as a wedding and event space. Fortunately for visitors, the entire location continues to pay homage to the property’s important and historic roots.

The Maplewood Golf Resort: Venue Overview

Today, the grounds and building interiors are still reminiscent of a glorious bygone era. Beautiful décor and unmatched scenery are just the beginning. With a variety of options when it comes to your reception, the entire venue can be utilized in virtually any way that the staff sees fit. It’s no wonder so many couples consider this a superior place to host their festivities.

The interior not only features picturesque parlors, seating areas, and a magnificent ballroom – it also includes 20 guestrooms. This means that the venue and your guest’s rooms are all conveniently located under one roof. Even better, this hotel isn’t usually open to the public. When you rent The Maplewood for your wedding, your friends and family have the exclusive ability to rent the property’s guests rooms. This ensures that the only people staying on-site during your wedding weekend are your invited guests.

Matt Wendy Wedding 36 683x1024 683x1024 - The Maplewood Golf Resort

In addition to a wonderful reception space, the property features a historic chapel located just across the street. Although not currently a functioning church, it boasts an original stone foundation as well as breathtaking wooden doors and stunning stained-glass windows, making it a beautiful place to hold your nuptials. In addition to this spectacular amenity, there are plenty of spectacular places on-site that are ready to serve as the background for your wedding photos. In warm-weather months, blooming flowers, green hedges, and the building’s stately turret are fantastic features. Inside of the venue, historic architecture in the parlors and main staircase always ensure stunning photo opportunities.

The Maplewood Golf Resort: A Personal Approach

You’ll enjoy so much more than a beautiful event space when you rent The Maplewood Golf Resort for your New Hampshire wedding. Because it hosts only one reception space and a limited number of guest rooms, the entire venue and staff are focused solely on your wedding during the entirety of the weekend. The spaces feel cozy, old-fashioned, elegant, and relaxed. With that said, an experienced and professional staff ensures the couple and their guests are comfortable and cared for every step of the way.

The joy and excitement in the air during a wedding at The Maplewood is practically contagious. The staff enjoys the formal events that take place at the resort – and not just because it gives them a break from serving golfers. They consider it rewarding work and genuinely enjoy providing every visitor with a stress-free, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Their familiarity with on-site events also allows them to anticipate any problems that may arise and avoid them without causing a single hiccup in your festivities. The event manager and other team members truly consider The Maplewood their home, and can’t wait to open their doors to you on your exciting and unforgettable wedding day.

Matt Wendy Wedding 125 1024x683 1024x683 - The Maplewood Golf Resort

Hosting Your Wedding at The Maplewood Golf Resort

With the ability to accommodate weddings from 25 – 250 guests, no event is too large or small for this historic New Hampshire wedding venue. By hosting your wedding day at The Maplewood Golf Resort, your love story becomes a part of this property’s rich and impressive history.

The event manager is available to meet with you anytime, including nights and weekends. Please contact The Maplewood at (877) 869-3335 or visit to learn more about the extraordinary facility and to discuss the details of your upcoming wedding day.



The venue rental fee begins at $4,800 and includes tables, linens, chairs, on-site staff, and additional set-up items. To rent both the reception space and the chapel, the fee is $6,000. The rental fee for the chapel alone is $2,000. Catering and guest room rental fees are not included. Please inquire with event staff for more detailed cost information.


The large reception space has a total capacity of 250. For formal, sit-down dinners, it can seat up to 200 people comfortably.

Hotel Information

The building features 20 guest rooms that can be blocked off for invited guests.

Chapel & Ceremony Information

Due to its historic nature, the chapel is only available during Spring, Summer, and Early Fall. Additionally, only smaller ceremonies are allowed to be held on the venue’s outdoor deck space due to space limitations. Please inquire to learn more about holding your ceremony on-site.

Vendor Information

Catering is available on-site. Off-site catering is allowed, although some restrictions and fees are required. Please inquire with event staff about catering options for your specific wedding reception.

Golf Course Information

The Maplewood’s championship golf course is open to the public and can be part of your stay. Discounted rates are offered to your wedding guests, based on availability.

More Information

To view more information view the Maplewood’s website here:

About Stephanie Dupuis Photography

Hi! We’re Bill & Stephanie, New England wedding photographers based in Northern NH. We love photographing weddings because of our passion for helping couples remember one of the most important days of their lives. Stephanie Dupuis Photography offers engagement photography, wedding photography, and bridal sessions throughout New England. As wedding photographers, we believe in the value of printing images – so much so that all of our wedding packages include a beautiful signature wedding album.

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